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The GeoKone Geometry Generator

January 29th, 2014 by Math Tricks | No Comments | Filed in Math Geometry

For this post, I was going to write a bit about how to transform between Cartesian and Polar coordinate systems – yea, because of that image I planted on the Facebook page:

polar bear-cartesian bear

It was cold – even in Florida – at the time of this writing, so I thought it would be cute tying in polar coordinates with the “polar vortex” that is engulfing much of the planet.

So anyways, in my searches, I somehow came up with “geometry generator”, and found a link to the GeoKone website.

What is GeoKone, exactly?  From their website:

GeoKone is an Interactive Sacred Geometry Generator that runs inside your browser.”


fig 1A


Well, I gave it a try, and in only a few minutes I was able to make some pretty cool images!  Take a look:

fig 1

fig 3

fig 2

There are other features that I tried briefly, but with some practice you can add whole new levels to your creations.  For instance, there is an animation feature that will turn your projects into dynamic geometric masterpieces!  You can visit their gallery to see some other (and better than mine!) awesome creations.

So, if it is too cold and/or rainy to go outside, and you want to entertain yourself, give this a try.  It is also great for students because the interface allows you to see what happens when you change the geometrical properties of the image.

If you happen to try it, please be sure to give us your opinions of it in the comments section below.


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