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Pi Day Ideas

March 12th, 2017 by Math Tricks | 1 Comment | Filed in Pi Day

Looking for ways to celebrate Pi Day?  It is a great way to get students motivated to study mathematics!  I have compiled a list of ways to celebrate Pi Day.  Thanks to all for your ideas!


Pi Day Activities

Hold a contest to see who can recite Pi to the most figures.

Search Pi for specific numbers or dates – for example, does somebody’s birth date exist in Pi?

Make Pi T-shirts.

Make a paper chain with a different color representing each digit.

Make a program that calculates Pi.

One thing I used to do was to get cans of all sizes and have the students measure the circumference and diameter of each of them and see how close they came to pi. Usually, after we averaged everyone’s together we were pretty close!
– Thanks Sandy!

Make crafts with Pi Day themes.

Bake Pi pies.

Eat Pi!

We go on a pi hunt. The kiddos scour the room looking for circular objects and measure the circumference and diameter of each. Then we divide and find pi! Pi memorization contest and pi(e) eating contest are fun. And we also make pi bracelets: http://www.pinkstripeysocks.com/…/pi-day-activity-make
If the beads are too expensive, you can do a similar activity using paper chains made of construction paper.
– Thanks Anne!

I teach 6th grade math. Another teacher and I are splitting class times for pi day. I will be presenting the history of pi and she will be experimenting with computing the ratio on various objects.
– Thanks Don!

We always have the kids bring pie and this year we added a pi decimal memorization contest. We had a couple students memorize up to 200. We also did the Buffon’s needle experiment.
– Thanks Molly!

We are drawing Pi-scapes, each building is 2 cm wide and the height is double in scale, so 3 will be 6 cm high, 9 will be 18 cm high. building one 3, building two 1, then 4 etc.Then they are decorated into buildings with windows, people superheroes, and helicopters etc flying past. A lovely medieval one being done this year, very Game of Thrones. I allow two lessons for this to get the quality.
– Thanks Michael!

Creative writing in Pilish.
– Thanks Ben!


If you have any other idea, please let me know!

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The Big List of Pi Day Funny Pics

March 11th, 2017 by Math Tricks | No Comments | Filed in Pi Day

For years I have been posting Pi Day pictures, so I decided to present them in bulk.  Below are most of the pics I posted in the past.  Enjoy your Pi Day!





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