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POP Quiz – A Fun Math Test!

March 13th, 2013 by Math Tricks | 3 Comments | Filed in Math Games, online math games

Is there such thing as a fun math test?  I suppose the ones that I took that I knew I had aced were sort of fun, but I never did look forward to any test – or quiz for that matter.  No – I take that back, because I do remember watching some of the bullies in class who would suffer while taking math exams; that was fun and something to look forward to!

Here I present to you a math game that I hope you will enjoy.  Yes, it is a math quiz game, but it is a quiz made up entirely of tricky math questions.  These questions are a collection of the best available, and they are sure to make you scratch your head.  If you answer a question correctly, you get 100 points – wow!  Even better, if you answer a question before time has expired, you get 10 points for each second remaining – awesome!  Of course, the down side is that if you fail to answer after time has expired, or if you answer incorrectly, you get nada – nothing – a big goose egg!

There are ten questions that you must answer to finish the quiz.  The amount of time you get to answer depends on the level of difficulty.  Be careful how you answer the questions, because sometimes the most obvious answer is not the right one!

The game is a JAVA application (There is a windows version also.  Please refer to the link below if you wish to download it).  To run it, simply click on the image below, or click on the link below the image:


P.O.P. Quiz Math Game


Click Here to download the JAVA application and play P.O.P. Quiz!

If you want a Windows version, you can download it from our Math Software Downloads page.


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