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Laboratory Math

January 26th, 2017 by Math Tricks | No Comments | Filed in laboratory math


Here is a problem I encountered personally while working in the lab.  See if you can solve it too!

10 cm culture dishes have a capacity for 8 million adherent cells; in other words, the dishes are confluent with cells when there are 8 million cells growing on the surface of the dish.

A researcher seeded a 10 cm culture dish with 1 million cells of cell line “MINIME” (a made up name – don’t bother looking it up!). Four days later (96 hours), the dish was confluent with cell line “MINIME” cells.

15 cm culture dishes are confluent with 18 million cells growing on the surface. How many “MINIME” cells should be seeded in a 15 cm culture dish such that the dish is confluent after 4 days (96 hours)?



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