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Changing the Gravitational Constant

May 7th, 2017 by Math Tricks | No Comments | Filed in Gravity

Imagine if you can change the Gravitational Constant.  What fun you can have!  And, it would be very useful too:


Well, a couple of years ago, the Gravitational constant seemed like it was not so constant.  A variation of G was noticed, and this variation oscillated over a 5.9 year period:

Variable Gravitational Constant. Click the image to go to the Phys.Org article.

So, what can be causing this variation?  Most believe that it is not G that is changing.  Rather, this variation may be due to tidal forces and/or changes due to the circulation of the Earth’s molten core.  This is backed by seeing how the G variation correlates with the 5.9-year oscillatory period of Earth’s rotation rate.

Not everybody is in agreement, and further study is needed.  Go to the Phys.Org article to read more.