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Gottfried Leibniz

March 5th, 2017 by Math Tricks | No Comments | Filed in History of Mathematics





Gottfried Leibniz was a very interesting character.  He is often times forgotten in the history of mathematics, but he did make many contributions to mathematics, philosophy, physics, and other fields of study.  Mostly known as the co-discoverer of calculus, many do not know of his other works.

From Wikipedia:

Leibniz may have been the first computer scientist and information theorist.Early in life, he documented the binary numeral system (base 2), then revisited that system throughout his career. He anticipated Lagrangian interpolation and algorithmic information theory. His calculus ratiocinator anticipated aspects of the universal Turing machine. In 1961, Norbert Wiener suggested that Leibniz should be considered the patron saint of cybernetics.

A very interesting person indeed!  There is so much more to discover about Leibniz and his contributions.  I leave you with this interesting video:


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