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The BIG List of Calculator Words

June 11th, 2016 by Math Tricks | No Comments | Filed in calculator tricks, Math Tricks

Ah yes, I remember my very first calculator I had.  I bought it when I was in grade school, and it cost me about 50 bucks – that was a LOT of money back in the 70’s (lol – I guess I am showing my age)!  I must have spent my newspaper route money that I was saving for months.  But hey, it was a CALCULATOR, and nobody else in class had one!  Yup, well worth the money.

calculator That old calculator needed a 9-Volt battery to operate.  Its only functions were addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  It did have one very special feature that I discovered – you could write dirty words on it!


I’m sure many of you have written words such as HELL and BOOBIES on your calculators when you were kids (or/and adults).  There were many words you can formulate on your calculator with the letters from numbers available.  The letters from numbers list is:

0=O or D 1=I 2=Z 3=E 4=h 5=S 6=P 7=L 8=B 9=G



The Dirty Calculator Words   Dirty Calculator Words Of course, I was only interested in the naughty words you could write on your calculator.  There were not many that I was aware of at the time.  It’s too bad I did not have a list of possible dirty words back then, but I will provide it to you:


If you know of any more, or if there are any from other countries/languages, please post them below!   What follows is a list of possible words given the “letters” that are available on calculators.   Again, please post any others you can think of, English words or otherwise.


List of Possible Calculator Words  

B Words   be bed bedog beds beg begild begs behold beholds bel bes besoil bi bid bide bids big bile biles bilge bilged bilges bio biped bipeds bis bise bishop biz bled blip blips blog bo bode bodes bodies bog bogle bogs boil boiled boils bold bole bolide bolshie bop bos bosh       D Words   de deb del deli des despoil di die dies dig digs dip dipole dips dis dish dispel do doble doe does dog doge dogie dogs dol dole doles dope dopes dos dose doze dozes       E Words   ed edh ego egos eh el eld els epos es       G Words   ged gel geld gelid gels geo geoid geoids ghi gib gibe gid gie gild gilds gip glib glide glides glob globe globed globes globs glop go gob gobs god gods godship goes gold golds gos gosh gospel       H Words   he held helios help helps hep hes hi hid hide hides hie hip hips his hob hobs hod hoe hoes hog hogs hoi hold holds hole holed holes holies hop hope hoped hopes hopi hops hose hosed       I Words   i id ide ides idle idles idol idols ids il ipse is isle       L Words   le led leg legs lei leo li lib lid lido lids lie lied lies lip lips lis lisp lisped lo lob lobe lobes lobs lode lodes lodge lodges log loge logs lop lope lopes lose       O Words   obe obi oblige obliged obliges od ode odes ods oe oes ogle ogled ogles oh ohs oi oie oil oiled oils old oldies ole olid op ope ops os ose       P Words   pe ped peg pegs peh pes peso ph phi phiz pi pie pied pieds pies pig pigs pile piled piles pilose pis pish pleb plied plies plod pod pods pogs poh poi poise poised pol pole poled poles polis polish polished pose posed posh psi       S Words   se seg sei sel sh she shed shied shield ship shod shoe shoed shop si sib side sidhe sidle sigh sighed silo sip size sized sled sleigh slid slide slip slob sloe slog slop slope sloped so sob sod soi soie soil soiled sol sold sole soled solid sop soph sped spied spiel spile spoil spoiled       Z Words   zed zep zig zip zips



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