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Pi vs Pie

March 11th, 2017 by Math Tricks | 2 Comments | Filed in Math Games, online math games

Happy Pi Day 2017!

It seems just like yesterday we were celebrating Pi day, but here it is again.  This year, there is a new game to help you celebrate the math holiday – Pi vs Pie!  It is a fast-paced arcade game, where you smack up pies with the all-powerful Pi.  It was written such that it will run on multiple platforms.  I want to get away from Flash, so not only was this a fun Pi Day project for me, it was also a chance to experiment with cross-platform coding.

Here are a couple of images – screen shots of the splash screen and of the game in action.  Click on either image to go to the game page.  There is also a Windows version available; please see below for the link.



Pi vs Pie Splash

Click Here to Play Online

Click Here for our Windows Version Download Page

There is also a Windows version available on our Download Page.

Please be sure to give us some feedback – we look forward to hearing from you!

Originally posted Pi Day 2014

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