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Mnemonics as a Numbers Memory Aid – Part 2

September 11th, 2009 by Math Tricks | Filed under Remember Numbers.

Last time, I introduced to you the concept of using mnemonics as a memory technique to remember numbers.  I told you that you can code the number “9” as either a “b” or a “p”.

In this memory technique, none of the vowels are used, so you can use any vowel you wish in order to create words and phrases that will aid you to remember numbers.

For instance, if you need to remember the number 9999, you could code it as “bbbb” or “pppp”, or any 4-string combination of b’s or p’s.  You could do this, but it would not be very effective as a memory trick for remembering numbers.  Instead, you should code it as something like “Boo Boo Bob”.  So to decode this easy to remember phrase, you just extract the consonants and translate them back into their numbers.

The above example is a simple case, and in the real world, you will need the entire code to make this technique work effectively.  In this post, I will give you the code that we will be using, and in subsequent posts, I will explain the code in detail, and give you some ways of easily remembering the code – so please do not let it scare you off!  The code really is very easy to remember once I tell you how:

Number Letter Code
1 t, d
2 n
3 m
4 r
5 l
6 j, sh, ch
7 k, g
8 f, v
9 p, b
0 z, s

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