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Introduction to Mnemonics as an Aide to Remember Numbers

September 9th, 2009 by Math Tricks | Filed under Remember Numbers.

Remember Numbers

Today, the day of this writing, is September 9th, 2009 – a perfect day in my opinion to introduce mnemonics as a way to remember numbers both large and small.

As math tricks go, this one has many uses.  You can use it to remember phone numbers, remember combination lock numbers, remember dates in history, etcetera.  If you are married, then you really should learn this technique because you will learn how to remember anniversary dates!

Getting back to today’s date in mnemonics.  September 9th, 2009 can be expressed as “bob up”.  This is code for “999”; the code is simple – the number “9” can be expressed as either “p” or “b”.  In the system that will be taught to you, you will learn the entire code for the numbers 0 – 9, and you will be surprised at how easy it is to remember the code.  So, count your blessings and stay tuned to this thread of math tricks posts!

If you want more in-depth information on this memory technique and other math tricks, then I recommend the book “Secrets of Mental Math”.

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3 Responses to “Introduction to Mnemonics as an Aide to Remember Numbers”

  1. FrankH | 10/09/09

    I started using this method, about nine ago, after parsing a list of words in a dictionary I found on the web. I wanted to find two words that
    had letters in them that had a high frequency of words associated with them. Thus I came up with the following: BACON RUMPS-two words very easy to remember.



    So in your example ‘999’ could
    be Purple Passion Punch
    Peter Piper’s Pickle
    Pepperoni Pizza Party

    Or many other phrases and sentences. The letters that don’t correspond to any number can be used as fillers to make the sentences coherent.

  2. Terry Brown | 13/09/09

    Does your system work well with most three digit numbers? The major system which I have been using for 30 years breaks down a lot when trying to turn a three digit number into one word.

  3. admin | 13/09/09

    Hi Terry,

    This system should work just fine. Some three digit numbers may be more difficult to come up with words than others, but I don’t see any real obstacles with using it.


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