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New Game from Math Tricks

February 12th, 2011 by Math Tricks | Filed under Games, Math Games, Math Tricks, online math games.

Math Tricks Presents – Continuum II!

math tricks math games

We have a new game for you – well, sort of.  It is a squeal to the last math game.  In this game, though, I eliminated the fractal backgrounds.  Although many people liked them, I received too many negative reviews about how the  images made it difficult to see the ball during run time.

Also, I slowed down the ball speed a bit to make it a little easier.  Yea, I also found a ball speed bug that was corrected.  LOL – no matter what, it seems, I get elusive bugs in my games, so if you see any in this one, please let me know!

To play the game, please Click Here.

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  1. john vince | 16/10/12

    i try this mathtricks

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