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The Wolfram Alpha Math Widgits

June 24th, 2012 by Math Tricks | Filed under Math Software.

If you have spent any time exploring the Wolfram Alpha site, you probably spent a lot of it playing around with the math scripts there.

They also have widgets for web sites that will allow you to add some functionality to your sites.  I decided to add one here to show you – and because they are cool!  You can build your own widgets there just like this one.  Have fun playing with it – it is fun and addictive!

For more Wolfram Alpha math widgets, head on over to here.

If you like this widget, you can add it to your blog or website. It is very easy to do – go here for details!



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2 Responses to “The Wolfram Alpha Math Widgits”

  1. Mike | 25/06/12

    Love the widget. Simple, clean and shows the effectiveness of WA.
    How about making the expression box larger so that some of us who put in challenging, long expressions can see most of what we type?

  2. Math Tricks | 25/06/12

    Mike – I built my own widget there – very easy and quick to do. This one has a longer input box; you can input a line much longer than the box itself.

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