Logo Genie for Graphic Designing Tasks

It’s 2019 and graphic designing is one of the most sought after skills for a reason. With the boom in digital industry, everything is going online.

Gone are the days of getting things done with a traditional office setup and offline presence. Sure, companies still exist but most of their customer acquisition is done through a website. First impression is the last impression, hence they need to have really catchy web properties to attract prospects and turn them into paying customers.

For creating quality graphics on a web property, business owners are used to hiring freelance designers and paying them a hefty fee. You either need good skills with tools like Adobe Photoshop, Maya and Corel Draw or hire someone at a premium.

Logo Genie is a tool which was recently solved and it’s aimed at business owners/entrepreneurs as it cuts out the need to hire people for getting job done as you can create a graphic of your own within minutes.

The tool has a lot of inbuilt templates which you can put to use and boost your productivity by saving on your precious time. I really liked this review of logo genie. These guys did a great job in breaking things down so anyone who’s new to the software kit won’t have a hard time making a decision.

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