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Boot Pi and Embrace Tau?

July 1st, 2011 by Steven Pomeroy | 4 Comments | Filed in Bad Math

There has been a movement over the last decade to replace pi with it’s 2X equivalent – tau.  Bob Palais of the University of Utah and his followers insist that this would be a more meaningful ‘constant’, and would lead to less mistakes in the calculations of innumerable individuals.

Nice try, Palais et al.  Would you also have us trash Euler’s identity or the countless text books in circulation?  Sounds like you are just trying to cement your place in mathematical history.  Well, IMHO, this is not a good idea, and I am 100% against it.  I really don’t think much will come of this, but, just in case, maybe I should take in some of the textbook publishers out there!

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