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The Pi Game

March 10th, 2017 by Math Tricks | 2 Comments | Filed in Math Games, online math games

Happy Pi Day 2017!

I am a little early with this post, but there is good reason.  For Pi Day 2017, I made a game that you can play online, and right here!  I thought really hard about coming up with a name for it, and after mulling through many candidate names, I came up with, “The Pi Game“.  Yea, yea – the creative juices were flowing!

Anyway, you do need Flash installed in order to play it, so if you do, you are in luck!  If not, then I am sorry – but you can download it here.   If you would rather download a windows version of this game, please download it from our download page.

The object of the game is to get as many digits of Pi displayed as you can by hitting the Pi ball with the paddle.  In order to get the next digit, you also have to have the correct digit selected.  Use the keyboard to select the next digit; you can also use the keypad.

If for some reason you do not know the first 80 digits of Pi, hit the “P” key to have it displayed.

High scores are recorded and stored on your local computer.

The game is working well, but this is the first release – thus the reason I posted a few days before the actual Pi Day 2017.  If you find anything buggy with it, please let me know!

Originally posted from Pi Day 2012!



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Magic Squares 16 February 2015

February 16th, 2017 by Math Tricks | No Comments | Filed in Magic Squares

Here is today’s Magic Squares puzzle.  Can you finish entering the numbers from 1 to 16 such that the rows, columns, and diagonals all add up to 34?

The solution will be given in the next magic Puzzle post.  Here is the solution for the 15 February 2017 puzzle:



Please note that this is our solution, and that more than one solution may exist!




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