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Death By Numbers #2

February 26th, 2015 by Math Tricks | No Comments | Filed in Death by Numbers

Here is a new Death By Numbers puzzle – puzzle #2.  It is easier than the first, and the matrix size was reduced to 4×4.  You can click on the image to get a larger view, and then download it or print it:





The solution is given below.  Please leave your comments!










35  41  47  53  59  65




Death By Numbers

February 16th, 2015 by Math Tricks | 4 Comments | Filed in Death by Numbers


14 August 2016 Update:

I am dusting off this game in time for the upcoming school year.  I have heard from several teachers that this would be a welcome addition to their classrooms as a game application.  Please give me back some feedback!



Today we are introducing our new game – Death By Numbers.  It is a derivative of an old favorite of mine – Hangman.  Here is a png image of our first puzzle:


 Click on the image to get the printable, full-size puzzle

Game play is pretty straight forward.  Player chooses a number from the set of 16.  If the number is part of the sequence, it will be written in the appropriate box.  If the number is not part of the sequence, it will be X’ed out, and a hang man body part will be added to the gallows.  Player wins if the sequence is solved before the full hang man is drawn.  Player loses if the full hang man is drawn before the sequence is solved.

I hope the responses to this game are favorable.  If so, I’ll continue to generate more of them.  So, please let me know what you think – THANKS!!

Oh yea – the solution to this puzzle is:


23, 41, 77, 149, 293, 581


Blank Template

If you wish to write in your own puzzles, you can use the blank template below.  Just click the image to get a full-size, printable image:



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