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Sutekh’s Curse

October 25th, 2014 by Math Tricks | No Comments | Filed in Halloween Games, Math Games

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Halloween Fun!!

Can you survive the torment of Sutekh’s Curse?

Sutekh's Curse

If you can solve Sutekh’s intricate puzzle, you will be freed from his dire grip. Switch all the blocks to blue before you run out of turns, but be warned that you do not have many lives to spare!


Screen Shot

sutekh's curse action screen capture


This fun puzzle game is also good for your brain! It will exercise your memory (which also makes it a memory game!), give you experience with a coordinate system, improves pattern recognition, and helps you to recognize alternate strategies.

You can play online here.  We also have a Windows version on our software download page.


The Story of Sutekh

Millennia ago, the world was ruled by beings not of this Earth. They came with technology so advanced, they seemed like gods to the people they ruled over. Theirs was a peaceful reign for thousands of years, but that peace was broken by a power-mad ruler of the Northern Nile region. This ruler was known by many names – Set, Seth, Setekh, Sut, and Suty among them. But for the people he ruled over, he was known as Sutekh.

Sutekh was not satisfied with his limited region of rule. In an attempt to realize his dream of ultimate power, he went to war with the kingdom to his South, a land ruled by the benevolent Osiris. The war was short, and Sutekh was victorious. It was Sutekh himself who took the life of his rival Osiris following his capture.

Osiris’ son, Horus, was enraged by the brutal killing of his father. He vowed to overthrow Sutekh, and he was able to convince the neighboring rulers to rise against him. Horus commanded the combined armies of seven nations against Sutekh’s forces. Ultimately, Sutekh lost to Horus and was captured.  Sutekh was sentenced to imprisonment for all time.

For thousands of years, Sutekh remained isolated in his prison chamber. As an embodiment of evil, his alien body transcended death, but still he remained a prisoner. But now, with the help of his followers, he has freed himself – chaos is loosed upon the world!

In his place, he has trapped Horus with a diabolical device that keeps him his prisoner. This device is a random arrangement of 99 keys that must be solved in order to release Horus. Unless Horus is freed, Sutekh will set out to take his vengence on all the Earth. Who will be the one to help Horus complete the 99 levels necessary to unlock him from Sutekh’s prison?

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