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Halloween Math Tricks or Treats

October 28th, 2011 by Math Tricks | No Comments | Filed in Numbers Sequence

Numbers Sequence 10-29-2011

It’s just about Halloween 2011 and it is the perfect time to introduce a new feature – Numbers Sequence.  Essentially, it is a number sequence game – the player guesses the next number in the sequence, and gives the sequence general formula.

This game is video based.  Just watch the video and note the numbers that come up.  The numbers are part of a regular sequence of numbers.  This is the first video in this series.  If it is well received, I will generate more.

Here is the video – be sure to write the numbers down!


Can you guess the next number and general formula?  If you give up, just scroll down for the answers.  Beware – SPOILERS!

Keep scrolling . . .

Keep scrolling . . .

Keep scrolling . . .

Keep scrolling . . .

Keep scrolling . . .


Keep scrolling . . .

Keep scrolling . . .

Keep scrolling . . .

No – really, it is more fun to figure it out yourself!

Keep scrolling . . .

Keep scrolling . . .

OK –

The next number is 1.


Keep scrolling . . .

Keep scrolling . . .

Keep scrolling . . .

283985 is the next number in the sequence.  The general formula is 13+((n-1)x4), not applicable to the first number in the sequence (0). Of course, with it being close to Halloween, I had to have something with thirteen in it!

I hope you enjoyed this Halloween version of Numbers Sequence!  Please let me know if you liked it or not, and I will add more (or not) based on the responses.



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Formula Saver – The Math Formulas ScreenSaver

October 3rd, 2011 by Math Tricks | No Comments | Filed in Math Software, Screensavers

 Formula Saver

I found some time to finally sit down and write another screensaver.  This one displays some of the most famous mathematical formulas.  The formulas displayed in this screensaver are described below.  This is free math software!  The install file will automatically include the screensaver file (formula saver.scr) in your list of available screensavers.  Sorry – windows version only.


File Name: Formula Saver Install.exe

File Size: 485 Kb

Unpacked File Name: Formula Saver.scr

Platform: Windows 7, Vista, XP

Click Here to Download


Screen Shot:

math screen saver











Video Capture:


Formulas Displayed:

Quadratic Equation

Euler’s Identity

Difference of Squares

The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

The Triangle Inequality

Equation of a Circle

Area of a Triangle

Volume of a Sphere

Surface Area of a Sphere

The Definition of e

Area of a Circle

The Pythagorean Theorem

The Definition of Pi

The Derivative of e^x


Can you identify each of these famous equations in the screensaver display?  I hope you enjoy it!


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