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Professor Pi’s Math Mayhem Math Game Complete!

September 8th, 2010 by Math Tricks | 1 Comment | Filed in Games, Math Games, Math Software

The Math Mayhem math game has been completed – 14 full levels!  I have added a new page – Math Software Downloads.  You can download it there.

This is a free, full scale roll-out.  Ummm – yea – version 1.  Please, please let me know your suggestions to improve the game – they will be greatly appreciated!

As of this writing, I have only added “Math Mayhem” to this page; other programs will be added . . . sooner or later!

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Professor Pi’s Math Mayhem Beta 2.0

September 1st, 2010 by Math Tricks | No Comments | Filed in Games, Math Games, Math Software

Math Games: Professor Pi’s Math Mayhem Beta 2.0

math games - professor pi's math mayhem

Please check out beta 2.0!

I have uploaded version Beta 2.0 of Math Mayhem to our math games section.  Please let me know what you like about it/don’t like about it if you try it out.  Also, please report any bugs if you find them.

I have introduced some power ups in this version, and a “How to Play” section (yea – instructions are a good thing).  Also, I added two more levels for a total of three.  I don’t want to add too many levels in case there are bugs to hunt down.  If all goes well with this release, I will work on the first full-scale roll-out (i.e., I’ll add a bunch of levels).

Anyway, please give it a try, and I hope you like it!

Professor Pi’s Math Mayhem Beta 1.0

File Name:

math mayhem beta 2 install.exe

File Size:

1.31 MB

Installed File Name:

math mayhem beta 2.exe

Installed File Size:

1.21 MB

Operating Systems:Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7

Please note that this application was tested under these operating systems, but further testing is required.  If this application fails to run on your computer, please let me know which operating system you have.

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