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Professor Pi’s Math Mayhem

August 26th, 2010 by Math Tricks | 1 Comment | Filed in Games, Math Games, Math Software

Math Games: Professor Pi’s Math Mayhem

math games - math mayhem

Professor Pi's Math Mayhem

I have reached the point where the current game project is ready for beta release.  What this means is that I am asking users to download it and test it on their systems.  I have tested it already on a number of computers, and I have not noticed any bugs, but this does not mean that this math game is bug-free.  So if you do download it, please let me know of any strangeness by adding a post on this page, along with information on your operating system.

Also, I would like to get a feel on what you thing of the game play; is it too easy or too hard?  Is it interesting to play or boring?  I will be adding more interesting features to it in the near future, but for now I really need to test it in this form.  Although designed for use by school children, adults may find this fun to play too.

This beta release is very simple – only one board of play just to test it out before I make it more complex and add new boards.  The object of the game is very simple – eliminate 25 bricks equal to 10.  Here is a screenshot:

math games - math mayhem

I plan on adding power-ups eventually, along with additional boards; you will see this in the next beta release.  For now, I’ll do some design improvements while I await feedback from this release.

If you want to know when the next beta version is released, please check back periodically, or, if you have a Facebook account, you can join our Facebook Page (Click here or look to the right panel for the link).

UPDATE: Version Beta 2.0 has been released. Please read the post here.

download math game

Professor Pi’s Math Mayhem Beta 1.0
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math mayhem beta 1.exe
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Operating Systems:
Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7
Please note that this application was tested under these operating systems, but further testing is required.  If this application fails to run on your computer, please let me know which operating system you have.

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Update on the Math Game

August 18th, 2010 by Math Tricks | No Comments | Filed in Games, Math Software

Math game update:

I have almost completed the basic game engine; it should be finished very soon, and I hope to get a beta version of the game out in a week or so.  The thing that is holding me up (besides our three boys) is the fact that my computer is behaving badly, and I fear for it’s life!  I have a new computer, but I have to transfer all files, register them, etc.

Also, I’ll add some bells and whistles to the first version, and I’ll wait for suggestions from users before I add anything too fancy.  I’m going to keep the game description under wraps until the release – so please check back in a few days for updates, of join our facebook page – the link is right there on the right  :)

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